Desire Beats a Map

Seun Oyebode • September 27, 2019

I could have titled this, what programming teaches me daily. But I love the title, it’s catchy. Could easily be a mental hook.

Everyone shivers when faced with a daunting task. Daunting because you literally have no idea how to have your way around it. That’s the story of a programmer. Every. Single. Day.

It’s pretty much the same about life. Remember your first day in High School? You almost felt like you didn’t know how to walk or sit. Moving to a new city. How do I get my way around here? You could argue parenting is peak or near peak. You can never truly prepare for these things.

Hello Desire.

Often, what cripples us is the seeming lack of a clear map. But the truth is desire beats map any day. For the programmer, the desire to create a thing of beauty makes him to never get tired of googling. His desire makes him get used to being okay with not knowing how to go about it. Most times, his answers come from Google. Some times his answer comes from thin air when he stays with the question long enough. Your answer might not come from Google. But you can be rest assured that it will come because…

Desire beats having a map.

Seun is a single, 28 year old, Web Developer based in Lagos, Nigeria. He's a pizza and Fanta fan. He has a degree in Entrepreneurship, hence Seun loves tech, startups and everything in between.